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Classifications of screw:

  1. Machine screws: To be used with the matched inner thread
  2. Triangular self tapping screws:
    • Save the process of tapping and other related costs
    • The triangular design prevent the looseness, reduce the demand of glue & anti-slide screw
    • Increase the tightness between the screw and the object itself
    • Suitable for various materials and any existing holes made by drilling, washing or molding
    • After partial High frequency induction hardening, the tensile strength of metal application is similar as refining heat treatment
  3. Self tapping screws (Include-TP1. TP2): Suitable for various materials such as metal, wood & plastic

Measurement of the length of screws:

Type of head:

Standard: ISO. ANSI. BSW. DIN. JIS
*Special item can be made by custom order

Materials: Medium-carbon spring steel. low-carbon spring steel. alloy steel. alpha-Be. white iron. aluminum. copper...etc

Surface Plating:

  1. Anodized treatment
  2. Cr 3+ Zinc
  3. Zinc
  4. Black Zinc
  5. Nickel
  6. Black Oxide
  7. Satilume Nickel
  8. Black Nickel
  9. Chromium
  10. Tin
  11. Ti Yellow Zinc
  12. White Zinc
  13. Patch